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In all dealings with our customers and learners, Northern Training Academy endeavours to provide a service which is prompt, courteous and responsive to customer needs. However, at times, there may be circumstances where a customer is dissatisfied with the service they have received and wish to make a complaint.


In implementing this policy Northern Training Academy will:


  • provide clear, accessible information on its complaints procedure for all users of our services

  • be proactive in identifying any signs of discontent and take appropriate action to address concerns and pre-empt a complaint

  • operate the complaints procedure in an open, transparent and accountable way

  • aim to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible and to keep complainants fully informed of timescales

  • monitor the frequency and subject of complaints, ensure lessons are learned and implement changes as appropriate


This policy and its related procedure includes an informal 'raising a concern' and a ‘formal complaints’ process. While we would hope that most issues can be resolved informally, should you remain dissatisfied then the formal procedure should be used.



This policy is aimed at people who have used our services or attended Northern Training Academy  courses/apprenticeships and are not happy and wish to complain about a product, course or service we have provided, or a decision we have made.


Anonymous Complaints and Complaints on behalf of others

Sometimes a complainant will wish to remain anonymous.  While it is always preferable to reveal your identity and contact details to us, if you are concerned about possible adverse consequences please inform us of this fact when you make your complaint.  You may also wish to refer to our Whistleblowing Policy.


If you are complaining on behalf of someone else we will require written confirmation from them stating their agreement to you acting for them.


Raising a Concern

Any concerns with our services should be raised in the first instance with an appropriate member of Northern Training Academy staff, as soon as possible after the event or decision you are complaining about.  If you are unsure who to speak to, please contact the Northern Training Academy office and we will be happy to advise you.  Contact details for all staff are available on the NTA website. 


Northern Training Academy staff are experienced in dealing with concerns from customers and they will aim to work with you to bring the matter to an acceptable solution.  If it is not possible to arrive at an acceptable solution, then the formal procedure should be followed.


Formal Complaints 

The following procedure should be used when making a complaint to Northern Training Academy concerning any aspect of its service.  A complaint should normally be made in writing to Joanne Roche, Managing Director, by post or email at the address below, or by ringing the Northern Training Academy  office.  You should clearly state that you are making a complaint in any communication with us in order that this can be dealt with efficiently and effectively.


When you contact us, please give us your full name, contact details including a daytime telephone number and email address if available, along with:

  • a full description of your complaint (including relevant dates and times if known)

  • the names of any people you have dealt with so far

  • copies of any documentation related to the complaint



The Managing Director or representative of Northern Training Academy will acknowledge all complaints within one working day of receipt.


While we aim to investigate all complaints within ten working days, if your complaint is more complex, or involves people who are not available at the time, we may extend this timescale.  We may also contact you within this period to seek further information or clarification and, in some instances, we may recommend a meeting.  At the end of the investigation we will write or email you to inform you of the outcome of our investigation and our decision.


If any part of your complaint is upheld we will of course respond to you accordingly and give due consideration to how we can improve our services and arrangements in the future.  This may include reviewing our procedures and service delivery, assessment or quality assurance processes (if relevant), or provide training for our staff.  Where the complaint relates to the performance or behaviour of a member of our staff, internal disciplinary procedures may be invoked.  



Please see the Northern Training Academy Appeals Procedure for guidance on making an appeal against a decision made by Northern Training Academy with which you disagree and the process of review for any unresolved appeals.



Contact Details 

Northern Training Academy

Unit 10B, Eagley House

Deakins Park






Phone: 07804 039861

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