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Find out how Northern Training Academy can support your Business with the Kickstart Scheme

The Kickstart scheme is an excellent opportunity to grow your business by investing in young people and providing them with an opportunity to develop their careers.

How does it work?

A grant is available for each job placement a covers 100% of the relevant National Minimum Wage (or the National Living Wage) for 25 hours per week, plus the associated Employer National Insurance contributions and Employer minimum automatic enrolment pension contributions. Employers are able to top the pay of those on job placements should they wish to do so.

In addition to 100% of wages being covered, the scheme provides £1,500 per job placement, this is to cover employability skills training.

Is the Kickstart scheme right for my business?

The Kickstart scheme is open to all business sectors - any business can apply.

What training is on offer? NTA have two packages to help your business through the Kickstart scheme.

Northern Training Academy's Role as a Gateway

Application - We will take care of the administration and apply for all of the vacancies on your behalf.

Recruitment Service - We will manage the recruitment and selection and arrange interviews with suitable candidates.

Skills Training - We will provide skills training. (Please see packages above)

Progression Opportunities - We will provide support for applicants to progress on to apprenticeships, should you offer them a position after the 6 month period.

Further Support - We will support you to access any local grant funding or training/apprenticeships available to your existing staff.

How can my Business benefit from the Kickstart scheme?

- 100% of an employee's wage is paid by the Government for 25 hours a week

- £1500 made available to fund training costs

- Offers employers a fully funded programme for taking on young workers without enforcing their commitment to permanent roles

- Kickstart represents a chance for businesses hoping to expand whilst also considering the ongoing risks in the business environment

To enquire, contact us today:

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