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Five Benefits of a Traineeship

In the third edition of NTA Fives, we take a closer look at the benefits of Traineeships, and how they can lead to exciting new roles and career paths!

Traineeships are education and training programmes focused on giving 19-24-year-olds the skills and experience needed to succeed in a future career.


Develop your skills

A big part of the traineeship scheme is the work-based training you receive. The training is always tailored to you, and you'll receive as much as you need in order to prepare you for life in the workplace.

This can range from CV Writing and Customer Service to English, Maths, and Digital Skills.



To follow on from the skills you are taught, you could move on to an apprenticeship or job at the end of your traineeship.

The CV Writing training is useful when applying for an apprenticeship/job.

Government figures show nearly three-quarters of young people who have done a traineeship go on to further employment or study within a year.


Gain Experience

Traineeships are an opportunity to get your hands on some valuable hands-on experience with a high-quality employer.

Your placement will last for at least 70 hours, giving you enough time to get a feel for what the employer and role are like, whilst giving you a chance to put your skills from your work-based training into practice.


Everything's sorted for you!

Northern Training Academy cover your expenses (travel, uniform, etc.) and training is fully funded by the Government. You can also still claim Universal Credit alongside a traineeship.

Although you won't be paid during the traineeship, you will if you go onto an apprenticeship or into employment afterwards.


Stand out from the crowd

Above all, traineeships show your commitment to the cause and your dedication to work hard and achieve your goals.

Employers will value the fact that you've gone through the Traineeship scheme in order to propel yourself into a future career.

Unlock your potential today with a Traineeship!


These five benefits should highlight how traineeships can be a pathway into a career and a future.

Make sure to check back soon for the next edition of 'NTA Fives'.


If you think a traineeship might suit you, why not check out our opportunities?

We have plenty of retail vacancies up and down the country, and many more!

Leave us a message through our enquiry form here.


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