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Five CV Writing Tips to make you stand out!

CV Writing features in the first of our 'NTA Fives' series, giving you five top tips to succeed in the world of work.


A CV, or Curriculum Vitae, is a personal document that usually includes personal details, professional history, skills, and achievements. You'll usually need a CV when applying for a job, and it can sometimes be accompanied by a cover letter if needed.


Keep your CV up-to-date and relevant

Even if you currently have a job, or you study in school, college, or university, you should still keep an eye on your CV and make sure you update it with any skills you gain or milestones you may reach. Qualifications are of course important too.

It's so much easier to update your CV as you go, rather than trying to recall everything you've achieved over a long period of time.


Employment & Education

Make sure all of your qualifications are detailed, and all of your places of education too. You should put these in reverse chronological order, meaning your most recent qualifications and places of education.

The same goes for your employment history. Do not be embarrassed to include jobs such as a paper round. This will show the willingness to work and demonstrates organisational skills. If you have had multiple jobs, include only the last 3 positions or most relevant.


Key Skills

Key skills should include any skills that you feel would support you in the role that you are applying for E.G. communication skills would be perfect for a customer service role. A list of 3 or 4 skills is sufficient.

Other general skills include:-

  • Timekeeping

  • Digital skills

  • Building a rapport

  • Organising skills


Check, check and check again!

Make sure your spelling, punctuation, and grammar are accurate. Use proofing tools on word processing software, or websites like Grammarly, to check accuracy.

You should also make sure your details are accurate in case someone wants to contact you.

You could even get a friend or family member to check for you to give you a second opinion.


Referencing is important!

Make sure you have two strong references - and include their name, role, address, and two contact details.


These five touchpoints should help you on your way to putting together a rather impressive and effective CV.

Make sure to check back next week for the next edition of 'NTA Fives'.

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