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Five Remote Interview Tips to help you succeed!

Interview skills feature in the next edition of our 'NTA Fives' series, giving you five top tips to succeed in the world of work.


A job interview can be a daunting prospect. Being prepared is essential for you to attend an interview and answer questions with confidence. It is your chance to sell yourself and show you are the ideal candidate for that particular job.


Set yourself up

Make sure you have the correct software installed, and an appropriate device, to conduct an interview. Test the invite well in advance by clicking the link and make sure it works. Set up your camera (make sure you have appropriate lighting) and test your microphone and audio beforehand.


Present yourself well

It is a good idea to still dress up for a remote interview, you get yourself in the right frame of mind, whilst displaying a good attitude to the interviewer.

Similarly, body language is important. If you've prepared notes, try and stick them around your screen or near your camera. This helps you maintain eye contact rather than you looking down at notes.

Be yourself and be confident!


Prepare like normal

You should conduct preparations as if the interview was in person. Research

the company you are interviewing for, and the people who are interviewing you if you have that information.


Answer questions appropriately

Don't be casual in your responses, use good English. Try not to use familiar terms you might use when talking with friends.

It's a good idea to prepare answers to familiar interview questions, so you won't hesitate too much when you are asked something. Focus on:

- Why you want the job

- What are they looking for?

- What you can bring to the role


Ask questions!

Ask two or three relevant questions in order to show your interest in the role. However, remember to deliver them in both a polite and intelligent manner.

It might be an idea to also ask what the next steps are for you at the end of the interview. This shows your eagerness and desire and will be the last thing in the interviewer's mind.


These five touchpoints should make you become a number 1 candidate when interviewing for a job!

Make sure to check back soon for the next edition of 'NTA Fives'.

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