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It's all Greek to me!

OK – I have agreed to do an apprenticeship programme for Retail Management – but on receiving advice and guidance and more detail from my Learning and Development Coach, I now find I need to do maths and English! I thought I had left all school stuff behind me. I hated school – my teachers were hopeless and only just managed to do some crowd control of the class! Imagine my dismay when I found out that I would have to have to study maths and English!

I was pleasantly surprised though to find that my Coach showed me the connections to my day job when helping me to complete the functional skills for maths and English. Refreshing about how to do percentage increases and how to calculate the available space for stock in our store room, as well as reminding me how to layout a formal letter to Head Office meant that I could see why it is so important to learn new skills (using a calculator as couldn’t use these first-time round) it was that long ago! I also had the chance to refresh my skills – and do a bit of brain training!

Passing my tests in English and maths has revolutionised my life! I have gained new confidence and feel better able to help my colleagues at work with everyday maths and English problems.

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