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Apprenticeships - Really?

It goes without saying that this current climate has threatened the entire travel and tourism industry far beyond any past events. The entire economic structure globally is on a knife edge so it is no surprise that training and development might be taking a back seat, or even on a totally different plane! However, when it comes to apprenticeships there are a few facts that you might not know. I will endeavour to enlighten you.

Fact 1 – apprenticeships are not just for 16-18 year old new recruits. The government will fund any employee aged between 16-65 on a suitable apprenticeship programme.

Fact 2 – apprenticeships are not just aimed at employees needing basic, entry level skills (equivalent to GCSE). The programmes range from level 2 right through to Masters equivalent level 7.

Fact 3 – apprenticeships are not just for people who are not comfortable following an academic route. The level of knowledge, understanding, skills and behaviours required become more detailed as the programme levels increase.

Fact 4 – apprenticeships are not just for people brand new to the job. I can imagine that some of you have a whiff of cynicism lurking. So, if you are someone who thinks that there is no more that they can learn – could you please share your numbers for the lottery as that level of genius is not to be missed! ANY EMPLOYEE can take up an apprenticeship programme – as long as they will learn and develop from the opportunity.

Lastly, for the purposes of this article (although I could go on and on!) – Fact 5 – apprenticeships will not lead to disruption for your business.

If you do decide to take on a new member of staff and have them work on an apprenticeship standard, the Government has some incentive payments available until the end of January 2021. £2000 is available for an employee aged 16-24 and £1500 for an employee aged 25+! Conditions apply but a very sound incentive. More information on this scheme can be found at

At Northern Training Academy, we decided to take on a Travel Apprentice – our own Chloe Lee. She acts as an Apprenticeship Ambassador for the travel industry to help raise awareness and shares experiences of what the apprenticeship programme looks like in travel. This move has been hugely beneficial to NTA – we have a very bright, intelligent, enthusiastic and fun new member of staff who challenges our thinking and working practices in a positive way. We see a real development path for Chloe that will provide huge benefits for her and NTA.

Training Providers, such as us at Northern Training Academy (affectionately known as NTA) are skilled and experienced, both in travel and tourism and in working with a variety of different employers/employees to help manage the programme so that the maximum opportunity is realised by the employee without disrupting the day-to-day operation of the employer. We have no set model of delivery – we work with each organisation in the way that best meets their needs.

Give us a quick call – if you would like more information. Mandy Priest (Business Development Director at NTA) on 07804 039861 or email me at

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