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The Story of Finn's Second Trip to the Office!

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Our Business Development Director's guide dog pup made his latest venture to the NTA Office this week.

The NTA staff were surprised to see how much Finn had grown in just a week since he last visited the office. He's even more excitable and adorable than last week!

Mandy and her family take part in the Puppy Raisers scheme and are thoroughly enjoying taking care of Finn. The scheme involves preparing a young puppy for its future training as it prepares to become a guide dog.

She can certainly ensure that Finn is given the time, commitment and love that a puppy deserves - especially when she brings him to the office - we can't get enough of him here!

The Northern Training Academy staff like to get involved with various obedience commands, helping Finn adapt to different situations and environments.

Here are some of the best shots of Finn:

Finn kept himself occupied (left) while the team were hard at work!

We think Finn's a bit of a showman!

Be sure to revisit to see how Finn's getting on - we

can't wait to see him again in the office next week!

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