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Check-In with Finn on National Puppy Day!

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

To celebrate National Puppy Day, NTA's mascot, Finn, a guide dog in the making, brought his new 'French Fries' toy into the office to show the Northern Training Academy team!

Our Business Development Director, Mandy, has adopted Finn, a Black Labrador, before he undergoes specialist training to become a guide dog. He's enjoyed exploring the office and its surroundings on his lunchtime walks. Mandy and her family will care for, feed and train Finn, teaching him basic obedience commands, as well as allowing him to meet new people and experience different sounds and situations. This helps him prepare for the tasks he'll perform as a guide dog.

Finn was caught showing off in the video below!



Finn is becoming cheekier by the day! He has very much found his feet in his 'second home' at the NTA office - he'll have his own desk soon!

Be sure to revisit to see how Finn's getting on - we

can't wait to see him again in the office next week!

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