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Finn's back from his very first holiday!

Finn took to the sand on his very first break with Mandy (our Business Development Director) and her family!

Today he arrived back in the NTA Office - and the staff can't believe how much he's grown recently! Finn is now 14 weeks old and is getting cheekier by the day! He loves to play with his friends in the office and enjoys lunchtime walks - especially when the weather is glorious!

Mandy and her family care for, feed and train Finn, teaching him basic obedience commands, as well as allowing him to meet new people and experience different sounds and situations. This helps him prepare for the tasks he'll perform as a guide dog.

She can certainly ensure that Finn is given the time, commitment and love that a puppy deserves - especially when she brings him to the office - we can't get enough of him here!

Click the arrow on the right of the pictures below to reveal more of Finn's progress.

Finn brought his latest toy into the office and posed for the cameras! (below)

Check back for more updates on Finn's progress coming soon on the Northern Training Academy Website!

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