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Five key customer service tips

Welcome back to NTA Fives, where our fifth issue highlights our top five tips for providing excellent customer service. This is really useful information should you wish to do an apprenticeship or traineeship in retail! Check out our Apprenticeship/Traineeship vacancies throughout England here.


Tip 1: Listen

By keeping full focus on a customer and their issues, and listening to them, you immediately give off a positive impression. They'll feel respected and more comfortable if you engage and listen to what they're saying. This will also help you solve any issues the customer may have, as you'll be switched on and ready to react.


Tip 2: Use clear communication

It's best to be both clear and concise when communicating with customers. They want an explanation of course, but it's better for it to be straight to the point, 'beating around the bush' may cause even more frustration for them.


Tip 3: Talk in a positive manner

Even if a customer is unhappy or angry, it's vital that you remain positive and use patient language in conversation. Even try to turn a negative into a positive, for example:

Negative - "This product is unavailable today"

Positive - "I can order this product in for next week if that's alright?"


Tip 4: Know your typical customers

Every business will have a customer profile – the type of customer who is likely to require the products and services on offer. Studying this is a way of building a picture of your customers, and getting to know their needs and trends. This helps you to make helpful suggestions and point them in the right direction.


Tip 5: Make a good first impression

By combining different skills, it's important that you make a positive first impression when a customer first interacts with you. Whether this is through a friendly welcome, your speaking and listening skills, or your product knowledge, it all contributes to retaining a customer and making a positive impact on their experience.


These tips will go a long way to ensure you leave a positive impression on a customer. If you feel like you could apply these skills to a role, and fancy taking an exciting new step in your career, why not take a look at our Apprenticeship and Traineeship vacancies?

We have retail vacancies throughout England on offer, just filter by your postcode and see what's out there!

Don't miss the next edition of NTA Fives! We'll be back soon - just check the NTA website!


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